Andrew Foy

Andrew FoyAndrew Foy is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Public Health Sciences at Penn State College of Medicine. Dr. Foy is a cardiologist and health services researcher with a principal research interest in conducting comparative effectiveness research on cardiac stress testing.

Dr. Foy completed his medical degree and Internal Medicine residency at Jefferson Medical College, and Cardiovascular Medicine fellowship at Penn State College of Medicine. He has been on the faculty at Penn State College of Medicine since 2011. In 2013, Dr. Foy received the Penn State Department of Medicine’s Excellence in Research Award, which recognizes scholarly inquiry and investigation related to education, educational processes, and dissemination and practical application of research results.

His work researching the management of patients with benign and renovascular hypertension has challenged the paradigm that “lower is better”. He and his colleagues published the first comprehensive review article of blood pressure trials assigning patients to different levels of blood pressure control. In regard to renal and cardiovascular outcomes, all were negative. This work has been cited by many important articles to follow and may have contributed to changes in blood pressure targets expressed in the new JNC-8 guidelines.

Dr. Foy also conducts research on the management of emergency department patients with low-risk chest pain, as well as research intended to raise awareness of unnecessary and overly-aggressive medical care.

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