The MarketScan® Commercial Claims and Encounters (MarketScan) Database from Truven Health Analytics contains de-identified, person-specific health data of reimbursed healthcare claims for employees, retirees, and their dependents of over 250 medium and large employers and health plans. The employers self-insure their enrollees through employer-sponsored health plans. Hence, individuals included in the database are covered under private insurance plans; no Medicaid or Medicare data are included. These data cover approximately 56 million covered employees and family members per year.

The Commercial Claims and Encounters (MarketScan) Database is divided into subsections including:

  • Inpatient Claims file
  • Outpatient Claims file
  • Outpatient Prescription Drug Claims file
  • Enrollment Information file
  • RED BOOK™ Supplement (includes variables related to drug prescription)

The Center for Applied Studies in Health Economics (CASHE) holds a renewable license for the MarketScan® Commercial Insurance Claims Database that allows the data to be used by Penn State researchers and students. The Data Custodian is Douglas L. Leslie, PhD, Director of the Center for Applied Studies in Health Economics (CASHE).

For further information regarding the data, please contact us or fill out our consultation form.

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